Living In Color

Logo Design

Summer 2016

Living In Color (LIC) is a new student group at Northwestern University with a mission to provide people of color with a space for self-expression and empowerment through various artistic and media platforms. The group reached out and comissioned me with a fun project to design a logo for them.


I wanted the logo to reflect the group’s mission and personality: to represent artists of color and to create a safe space for self-expression. In the initial stages of sketching and brainstorming, I had tested with light burst imagery, but that proved to be too busy and not align with the more serious tone of the organization. I eventually decided on a paint splatter, an organic shape that’s free from constraint. Instead of using an existing font, I vectorized letters I drew, combining both script and bubble letters to create contrast and a sense of surprise. I decided on a pastel color palette instead of the neon one I originally experimented with. The subdued color palette conveys a more professional, rather than a party-like tone. The color for the background and type are also not pure black, but a charcoal gray to soften up the logo and not appear as harsh.The paint splatter and the type paired together reflects the group’s dedication to artists and free expression.