STITCH Magazine

Print Design

March 2015 - April 2016

STITCH Magazine is a student-run fashion publication at Northwestern University and where my design journey began. I started out as a designer in the fall of my freshman year, eventually becoming Design Editor the following spring and implementing a redesign. Here are a few spreads I’ve selected that document my growth in a year. Click here to see more issues.

November 2014 - The Manifesto

December 2015 - Redesign

When I was appointed as the Design Editor, I proposed and executed a subtle, yet necessary redesign. I was interested in preserving the use of white space and clean graphic lines that were established in previous issues. Instead, I focused on small but important details rooted in typography. I established a more concrete typographic hierarchy, tightened up leading, and improved readability in body copy. I also changed the format of the front and back covers to differentiate STITCH from other magaazines while building building a narrative from that extends from the front, which establishes a theme, to the back, with a closing, parting quote that reflects what the reader has read.

March 2016 - A-Z Fashion in Tech Guide