Check by Meedan

User Experience Design

Methods: Competitive Analysis, Workflow mapping, User Testing

January – March 2017

Meedan is a San Francisco based startup that builds journalism tools for verifying breaking news collaboratively (Check) and translating social media across languages (Bridge). Over the last two and a half months, I was tasked with improving the login/authentication experience and create graphics to illustrate the Check story. One of our login/auth suggestions was successfuly implemented by the engineering team.

Login and Authentication Experience

Check currently has 4 login/signups methods. How might we design an intuitive flow that respects the user’s privacy and security guides them through potential confusion?


Competitive Analysis: We researched how other platforms juggle multiple login/signup methods. We drew inspiration from Medium, MailChimp, Artsy and Slack.


Workflow mapping: We came up with two user flows, one with the existing 4 method model and a proposed model of centering the login/signup experience around email and offering the user to merge accounts detected with that email.


User Testing: We held user testing sessions with journalism students at UC Berkeley and Northwestern University who would actually potentially use these products.


• Users say they prefer the email-first method as their login


• However, even if users prefer the method to start with email and option to merge accounts, we learned that this method is a higher security risk.


• Since Twitter is the only login method that does not give the system an email, this email-first method would exclude some users who prefer to remain anonymous and don’t want to be as easily identified with an email.

User flow and outcomes

Through our research, testing, we mapped flows for new and returning users. The Meedan engineering team eventually implemented our suggestion to remind the user of their login method by blocking them from entering if the system has already detected an account associated with their email.