Score & Performance, March 2016

PULSE is a score I wrote for a final project in an Art History class called "Scoring the Avant-Garde" taught by Amanda Jane Graham and is inspired by the instructional scores and poems from John Cage, Yoko Ono, Jackson Mac Low, and Robert Morris.

This score uses the body’s pulse as a guide to create sound and map movements within a confined space, while asking participants to be hyper-aware of their own bodies in space and to confront awkwardness through intimacy with strangers. Broken up into three parts, participants are first asked to be aware of their own rhythm, then of another participant's rhythm, and then of the collective rhythm in the entire room to finish the performance.

While PULSE was originally intended to be performed in a dark space to both heighten and depress certain senses, it has also been performed in lit spaces. The following performance was recorded in a pitch-black university classroom.

PULSE was also chosen as the opening performance of the 2016 Symposium: Performed in the Present Tense at Northwestern.