Real Friends - 真朋友

Graphic Design

Finding real friends takes some time. It wasn't until the fall of my junior year when I really felt like I found a group of strong, independent ladies I could call my friends. (Shoutout to Alicia, Leslie, Jenna and Brittany!) I particularly love how drastically different we are from one another, both in terms of our personalities and interests. But because of this, we're always learning cool things and challenging each other to be better. This poster emerged from a running joke in our group that we should have our own reality TV show that's a parody of the TV show Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver. Due to our busy schedules at school, it's hard to find a time when all of us can reunite. However, when we do get together there's always good food involved. The Chinese characters translate to "real friends" which is not gramatically correct in Chinese, but reflects the "Chinglish" we know and ofte use as Asian Americans.