Service Design, UX Design

SamPoll is a Facebook polling service designed to facilitate communication between government representatives and their constituents.

The problem

The existing methods for meaningful interactions between representatives and constituents are slow and ineffective. Being politically engaged is not everyone's top priority. At the same time, representatives don't always prioritize what their constituents want either. With Facebook as our client, my team and I sought out to design a solution that engages and mutually informs representatives and constituents, while also encouraging them meet in the middle.

How it works

Through verified public pages, representatives can publish polls regarding issues and policies being brought up in local government. This is an easy way for them to quickly test ideas, receive feedback and gauge reactions. The poll features are customizable and can be changed based on appearance, location, poll type and can even include relevant content to give the poll more context.

As for constituents, before voting, they will only see the time left to vote and which friends have voted. They will only have access to related content and results after voting to prevent bias. We hypothesize that the ease of taking a poll, in addition to applying social and temporal pressure to a user’s curiosity will encourage them to act on a poll.

Research, Observations & Insights

We observed and attended protests happening in the Bay Area, attended city council meetings, interviewed both representatives and constituents alike. In an age where everything and everyone is competing for our attention, we observed that a majority of people feel either too busy or not interested enough to keep up with politics or tune into their local government.

Constituents needed a solution that would not too costly in time and energy, while informing them and sparking their curiosity. Representatives expressed how their main methods of publicizing information were through a website, social media page, and email lists. All three of these methods require people to come to the politics. For representatives, we sought to design a solution that would easily bring politics to the people while placing the representative at the forefront.

Thanks to

This project wouldn't have been possible with my amazing teammates Jake Bortz, Cathy He & James Xie. :'-)